An ode to the ritual of handwashing.

Wash your hands.
Various times a day 
It’s a ritual.  
It’s simple as that.   

In times like these we don’t need to talk about the necessity of handwashing. We need to talk about the necessity of doing it continuously and in style. Which might sound a little over the top. But to be honest: We love to do things which are aesthetically pleasing. Don’t you?  

So why shouldn’t we make our ritual of handwashing even more pleasant? 

It’s one of the essentials that we’ve already learnt as little kids: Wash your hands when coming back home. Wash your hands before having a meal. It’s common sense when grown up. Saying that the majority of us have already had a well-established hand washing routine over the day for sure.  

And then corona virus hit us and had a persistent influence on our day-to-day hygienic routinesWe feel like it especially changed our perception of this small ritual. This casual act of handwashing gained so much attention and importance.  

And that’s the exact right thing to do! 

Even if the perceived risk of the corona virus decreases, we shouldn’t drop our established hand washing routine. So here’s what we think:  

Wash your hands.

Various times a day.  
Make it your ritual. 


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