Bring festive Christmas spirit to your home - the minimalist way.

Bring festive Christmas spirit to your home – the minimalist way.

Christmas season is quite an ambivalent time. Our expectations and the feelings we associate with this time of the year are often based on romanticised Hollywood movies. When I close my eyes, Christmas time comes with an idyllic scenery: peacefully snow-covered landscapes, glittering lights on lush green fir trees, snuggling up in a warm blanket while watching the snow fall. The steam of a cup of hot tea fills the room with a scent of cinnamon and orange. I am feeling relaxed and have come to inner peace.

My idea of Christmas: imagination vs. reality

But what if reality looks quite different? The beautiful white snow is rather brown and slushy. No time for snuggling up, because there is so much to take care of during this festive season: buying presents, decorating the fir tree, baking Christmas cookies, decorating the house... I want everything to be perfect, I want that feeling of cosiness, glittering Christmas lights and warmth. But when I take a second to pause, I can’t find no trace of inner peace. I put myself under pressure, trying to generate the perfect Christmas spirit. My desperate attempt to fulfil my own ambitious expectation will leave me disappointed in the end. Same procedure as last year.

Why all this? Can’t I cherish my imagination of Christmas and at the same time make that time special and relaxing for me? What I really want for Christmas is: minimal stress and maximum attention to the things that really count for me.

Minimalism is the magic word.

So, I decided to try a new approach this year. Reduction. Minimalism. And I am starting with my last-minute decoration, because I really want to come home to a Christmassy atmosphere. But this year I am going to do that thoughtfully and carefully selected. Because even with little decoration you can conjure that festive Christmas spirit.

Do you still need some inspiration on how to bring that Christmas mood to your home with minimalist decoration? We are happy to share our ideas with you.

Add some green but do it the minimalist way.

Swap bushy and excessively decorated wreaths for a more subtle version. A metal ring, that is only partly decorated with fir branches or leaves can set small shiny accents. You will see: using fir branches, mistletoe twigs and other green elements very selectively will give your decoration a beautifully calm look. Do you fancy some colourful highlights? Create them with some isolated berry twigs. These are best decorated in light, plain or glass vases.

Try something completely different: leave your Christmas tree as it is.

Have you ever noticed the beautiful shine of your fir tree’s green needles? If you are up for something very special, you could try this: Let your Christmas tree speak for itself. Completely without balls and tinsel! One’s for sure, it’s a real eyecatcher. And if you don’t feel like leaving your tree naked all the way, you could add some lights.

Cosy candlelight.

Candles belong to Christmas just like the red hat belongs to Santa Clause. We love their flickering atmospheric lighting and wouldn’t want to do Christmas (or any other time of the year) without that charming candlelight. But same here: less is more. Choose candles in calm colours and create them a stage with a ceramic bowl or a slate plate. Even a geometric candle holder, for example simply made of metal, will put your candles perfectly in scene without being obtrusive. 

Don’t forget the other senses.

To add the perfect atmosphere to your minimalist Christmas decoration you can also appeal to other senses. Create a playlist with Christmas music. Ready to try something new here? Give it a try and swap all these well-known pop classics for some light, instrumental guitar or piano sounds. And for the crowning glory of minimalist decor, you can use scented candles or fragrance sticks for a pleasant Christmas scent.

The focus on just a few carefully selected elements for your Christmas decoration give each one of them the chance to stand out. And even better: they will radiate not only a festive Christmas spirit but above all peace and cosiness. 

Why not choose minimalism to create maximum Christmas joy.

What do you think? Do you want to give it a try?

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