Bring light into your home // The basics

Can you imagine living in a world without light? What would life be like? Where there is no light, there are no colors. How would we design our home if the look didn't matter. We would hardly concern ourselves with the colour of our walls or whether the furniture is perfectly matching.

Light is the basis for aesthetics.

Die Beleuchtung für dein zuhause, hohe Fenster, tolles Licht, Sonnenstrahlen

When designing our homes, we often don't give lighting the attention it deserves. We may make sure that our windows have beautiful frames, that our ceiling lights are real eye-catchers or that the floor lamp with an industrial look is totally hip right now. But we don't pay much attention to how lighting affects the atmosphere in a room.

Why is light so important to us?

Light is an essential part of our life. Even before Edison invented the light bulb. Human life is controlled by sunlight, even if we are not consciously aware of it. When the sun rises, we start the day full of energy (sometimes more, sometimes less). When it sets, we come to rest and recharge our batteries. In summer we are more powerful and active because the sun shines much longer and stronger, on the darker winter days we sometimes lack drive and we feel tired.

Think of the moment when spring slowly replaces the long winter and the first rays of sun tickle your face and your mind again.
The perfect lighting for your home

Our emotions are affected when the light, its intensity or its colour changes. Whether we like it or not, light affects our mood. We should therefore pay the same attention to the lighting in our home as we do to the carefully selected decoration.

The perfect lighting for every room.

Whether natural or artificial light - both variants offer us numerous design options to positively influence the mood of a room and thus also the mood in us. What mood do you want to create in your home? With the right use of a wide variety of light sources, the feel-good atmosphere in your home can be significantly increased - in each room individually. You can underline your own furnishing style or highlight individual areas of a room. Because colours and structures can develop completely different effects depending on the incidence of light and its intensity.

Take a look around and be aware of how the light unfolds in your home. In which room or space is the daylight most intense? Can daylight spread well, or is the incidence of light influenced by curtains, for example? What colour is the light of your ceiling lighting - is it warm or cold? And how does that affect the colours in the room? Try to be aware of the lighting conditions and your mood in your apartment. But note that the lighting conditions can be different at any time of the day.

So what did you notice? Where do you want to actively change something? Where do you want more brightness, more comfort, or more highlights? In the next few articles we will provide you with practical tips on how you can perfect your interior design with the full spectrum of natural and artificial light.


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