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Scandinavians are proven to be the happiest people in the world. For sure, there is a lot we can learn from Nordic countries – especially when it comes to how Nordic people live. Let’s take a closer look. It’s quite impossible to not love the Scandinavian way of life. It is said to be simple, minimalist and ‘hygge’ (cosy). And all characteristics of this lifestyle are reflected in their interior design.

But is ‘hygge’ at the same time a proper concept to make your bathroom look stylish?

It sure is. Just follow the ground principles of Scandinavian interior design: simplicity, minimalism and functionality.


Simplicity means an uncomplicated way of living: Scandinavian interior makes use of what is already there, or better said what is present in nature. Not only is the Scandinavian culture strongly connected to nature, Nordic countries also have a large forest population. That is why different types of wood such as pine, birch, maple or alder are predominant in Nordic interior, ready to spread their natural beauty.

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Next to that, daylight plays an important role. It is a source of life and a rare good, especially during the cold and short winter days. That's why Scandi style often includes large windows to let in as much light as possible. Unfortunately, most of the bathrooms do not come with a large window front. In this case, you can adapt the lighting part to your Scandi bathroom by using decorative wall or hanging lamps instead. They provide light and radiate warmth.

Flowers and plants are another must-have in every Scandinavian home. Use them as decoration and alongside the wooden elements they will bring a breath of nature into your bathroom and fill it with life.

This deep connection to nature can also be found in the colour palette used in Scandinavian interiors. It’s all about neutral colours such as grey, brown, black and above all white. White defines the Nordic interior in all its facets. It is a declaration of love to the long, bright days of summer and the snow in winter. The extreme contrast between summer and winter is reflected by deliberate black or dark colour accents in a white setting. For example, think of all white cabinets with simple handles in matt black.

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In general, less is more. The minimalist style is characterised by the moderate use of decorative elements. The Scandinavians know how to recognise the beauty in simple everyday objects and to stage them - that might be a beautiful soap, prominently placed, a stylish dispenser or a perfectly folded towel.  

What may seem simple and sparse creates one thing above all: order. And the Scandinavians love order. So much that they are real professionals at stowing things away. That's why functionality comes before everything else when it comes to furniture design.  

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Form follows function. That is what Scandinavian interior design is famous for – an innovative, functional and stylish use of space.

So, in bathrooms you will find large sink cabinets, that provide space for all the commodities used in a bathroom and hide them inside their drawers. A metal framed mirror above that sink cabinet completes a modern look.

Using a combination of metal and wooden elements in interior design is a recent trend in Nordic style. Metal reflects the beautiful natural sunlight which adds some extra shine and warmth to the room. The Just a Mount Dock Set will go perfectly with that style.


How about moving in a little scandi chic? Using natural elements combined with a minimalist approach can make your bathroom feel warm and inviting and at the same time very modern and stylish.

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