Find your bathroom style | URBAN

We love urban style. Thinking of raw exposed concrete, brick walls several meters high, shabby chic vintage pieces and breathtaking industrial New York loft apartments makes our design-loving hearts skip a beat.

And nothing suits that kind of raw beauty better than well-chosen design pieces. Let’s think of extraordinary art pieces or of objects of utility standing out due to minimalist glance.

Because that’s exactly what urban style is about:

Minimalist elegance combined with the imperfection of raw and pure materials.

What you will find in urban styled bathrooms is straightforwardness. This look is made of geometric and edged furniture (we love seeing them in tones of grey and anthracite), plainness through waiver of any kind of squiggles or useless stuff and you will find materials like metal, concrete or glass.

Accessories are being used rarely and one’s for sure: Uniqueness is key. Beautiful highlights of an urban bathroom might be a tap made of raw brass, metro tilework or an impressive glass shower door framed by steel.

An urban designed bathroom will provide the perfect surrounding for your favorite Just a Mount piece as the wall mount suits the minimalist environment perfectly. It is that kind of beautiful interior accessory the urban styled bathroom needs, because it highlights the focus on objects of utility which satisfy the owners desire and love for design and highest quality. And the demands of a well-made urban bathroom style meet our most inner beliefs perfectly:

Because we believe that everything should be made as simple as possible. But not a bit simpler either.

Saying that, we imagine our most minimalist but high-end-looking wall mount combination black/black (or grey/black) to be the perfect urban style fit. Our brass/brass combination will add the perfect touch of shabby chic and vintage style to the rest of any urban bathroom.

What’s your perfect combination?

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