Let’s go on a world tour with fragrances for your home | Italy meets India

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. There’s a scent. And then a thought. It’s amazing how a smell can trigger emotions, memories and needs. Smells and aromas aim directly at the limbic system in our brain, that fascinating place where all our feelings and emotions, instincts and perceptions are controlled. And a special scent triggers something in us before we can even consciously perceive it.

Of all our senses, smell is the most immediate.

Fragrances can therefore have a decisive influence on how we perceive the environment around us. If we think of a perfumery or a hospital, we immediately associate smells and thus emotions and memories.

Interior design also lives from aromas and fragrances

That is why aromas and fragrances play just as important a role in interior design as colours, structures or materials. Because only the interplay of visual stimuli, smells, tones, colour temperature and haptics creates this special mood that spreads in us when we enter a room - the atmosphere.

Especially in your own home, our most important place of well-being, the right smells can create a particularly positive atmosphere and at the same time support the style we want to create - for example with candles or room fragrances.

We'll show you what effects fragrances and aromas have and which styles they harmonize with. In a three-part journey through the world of fragrances, you will encounter summery Mediterranean aromas, exciting Asian olfactory worlds and ravishing oriental fragrances.

Calabrian bergamot and the light-heartedness of the Dolce Vita

At the beginning of our journey, we dedicate ourselves to the warm, refreshing combination of Calabrian bergamot and patchouli.

We are deep in the south of Italy. The sun rises and bathes the roofs of a small village on the coast of Calabria in a deep orange. A light breeze blows between pastel-coloured houses through narrow streets and an inconspicuous field path meanders on the edge of the wonderfully green bergamot plantation. The waves of the sea rush in the background. An elderly gentleman greets with a warm “Buon giorno!”. Can you feel it, the indescribably warm and light lifestyle of Italy?

This is exactly what the scent of Calabrian bergamot evokes. The refreshing aroma provides fruity-sweet nuances for a summery Mediterranean feeling. It not only exudes joy and optimism, but also the wonderful light-heartedness of the Dolce Vita.

The vibrant, colourful world of India is just a blink of an eye away.

We continue our journey to far away India. But the way doesn't feel long at all. We are there in the blink of an eye, in the land of colours and contrasts. Magnificent buildings, lively metropolises, colourful markets, inspiring cultures and astonishing diversity of nature. 

The warm, exotic aroma of patchouli awakens a feeling of longing and makes us dream of trips and adventures. The earthy wood note gives the fragrance naturalness and at the same time subliminal elegance. Exciting and yet down to earth. As rich in contrast as the pulsating streets of Mumbai and the spiritual Hindu temples.

Your style. Your smell.

This contrast is what makes patchouli so easy to combine. Because while bergamot as the top note awakens memories and emotions with refreshing ease, patchouli as the base note invites you to linger with pleasant warmth.

The refreshing relaxation of the combination of Calabrian bergamot and patchouli goes perfectly with interior styles that are characterized by naturalness. In the Scandi style, for example, the fragrance emphasizes the simplicity and the hygge feeling. In the Boho style, the base note in particular underlines the wonderful and unique character of the interior.

In the end, the perfect fragrance for your feel-good place is the one that speaks to you spontaneously. Test different smells and find out which is the one. We'll take you by the hand, in the next article we will introduce you to the scent combination of Kytheran Lavender and Cedarwood.

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