The Bottleneck // DOCK: 6 ideas for perfect use

After releasing our cornerstone product The Bottleneck we decided to quickly deliver a matching add-on for our wall mount. Why? Because we want you to find just the right way to spice up your home with a unique Just a Mount design piece.

Maybe you’ve already been searching for the right spot on your kitchen wall but just couldn’t find the perfect one close to your sink? Or have you already had the idea to provide your guests an aesthetic hand sanitizer station when entering your home by using The Bottleneck? But… using your corridor wall?

So, we thought of something special to help you find the perfect place. Our mobile station for your beloved liquid soaps, hand sanitizer or any other liquid beauty and sanitary products.


Why we love The Bottleneck // DOCK? Because we have lost our hearts to the combination of raw wood and an elegant plate.

If you are seeking for some inspiration how and where to use The Bottleneck // DOCK, you have come to the right place. Here we go: some of our ideas to perfectly use the mobile station.

1. The perfect minimalist interior add-on for your private entrance area.

Since hand disinfection has become the new normal, have you ever thought of providing a private hand sanitizer station for your guests? Place The Bottleneck // DOCK on your vintage chest of drawers, shoe cupboard or even stage it on top of a fancy side table. It’s not only pretty useful, it’s also the perfect opportunity to add a truly unique and luxurious new piece to your interior decoration.

2. The sophisticated must-have for your office.

Every office should be equipped with several hand sanitizer stations by now. Be sure, there is a much nicer way to do so, than just placing a sterile plastic bottle on top of your reception desk. The Bottleneck // DOCK – combined with The Bottleneck wall mount and a nice vintage glass bottle – can be your pretty eye-catcher at the entrance. Put up a well-made sign next to it. Soon you will notice: Your guests will willingly accept your request to disinfect their hands right after entering your office.


3. The unique accessory for high-grade boutique hotels.

Staying in a hotel is in many cases either combined with the warm feeling of relaxing holidays or with busy business travels. Either way, your first impression of the hotel of your choice is heavily influenced by the reception. Talking about unique boutique hotels, it’s all about the smallest details. And the hygienic concept is definitely part of it – a luxurious and pleasant look and feel is a must-do. So, here’s what we think: Setting up The Bottleneck // DOCK in combination with the pleasant fragrance of French Rose Patels or Ceylon Spice Cinnamon hand sanitizer definitely is something special. A good way to surprise your guests right after entering your door, isn’t it?

4. The small but sweet mobile solution for your favorite cosy café.

As a café there is no other way than putting up sanitizer stations right at the entrance. Nevertheless, the situation in your favorite café might be a rather tiny one. And in most cases you won’t find a wall to install a beautiful wall mount right next to the door. This is why our idea number one might be a smart use here as well. Choose a side table that fits the style of your café and set up The Bottleneck // DOCK on top of it. Your guests will love the solution that fits your homy interior way better than a plastic bottle on a chair.

5. The minimalist design piece for your styled washroom.

Do you know how the idea for our cornerstone product The Bottleneck came to life? It stems from a personal need. Nick was desperately looking for something nice, to easily place and display his beloved liquid soaps. He was annoyed by just planting the beautiful and quite expensive bottles next to the sink or at the floor of the shower, quickly accumulating ugly water marks. Because neither was it compatible with his sense of aesthetics, nor did he like to have a quite dirty bottle as well as chalky deposits. If that’s what you think in your restaurants washroom, The Bottleneck // DOCK might be your new favorite product.

6. The hygienic station that rather comes along as high-class decoration.

Think of a long table in a high-grade restaurant. What about the idea to expand the restaurants hygienic concept to the guest’s table and set up hand sanitizer stations just there? Well, this idea does need a pretty solution of quality. The Bottleneck // DOCK might be just that.

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