Smart use meets minimalistic style: The Bottleneck in detail

The Bottleneck is our contemporary wall mounted dispenser system that is designed to hold your beloved liquid soaps and other liquid beauty and sanitary products. 

Our design piece is made out of high-grade materials only. That’s why all parts are engineered and handcrafted at selected workshops in Germany using only the finest materials and artisanal techniques. 

But that’s only where the story begins. 

You might think The Bottleneck is a simple product. Its minimalistic and reduced design is what you can see and what makes you think of simplicity all the way.  

But what you can’t see is a long way of thinking and testing – regarding our high-end materials and processing but also regarding the setup.  

What we finally came up with is the perfect setup of four elements:  


The basic holderThe heart of The Bottleneck. 

The basic holder has a neck passage of 28 millimeters which is the perfect size for most bottles containing 450 to 500 millimeters of liquid or soap. Just a few bottles out there might not fit in because of their bottle necks being too short or too thin/thick.  

The spacer rings: Smart use for your individual style. 

Every The Bottleneck package contains three spacer rings – in sizes 2/4/6 millimeters. The spacer rings provide you with the flexibility you need, in order to use your new design wall mount in combination with your favorite soap or bottle for liquids or sanitary products. Use the wall mount without any spacer ring (6 millimeters) for a bottle with a short neck, use size one (8 millimeters) to size three (12 millimeters) spacer rings for longer bottles.  

And the best is yet to come: You can choose the color combination of your wall mount and spacer rings. So overall, the spacer rings are here to personalise your design piece and make it fit your individual style perfectly. 

The fixing chip: The hidden champion 

There’s beauty in things, even if you can’t see them. That’s how we feel about the fixing system of The Bottleneck, which we have invented and developed ourselves together with one of our engineering partners. It can be mounted by drilling or sticking.  

The specialty about it? It’s invisible but yet extremely solid and functional – characteristics which are of highest importance to us.  

The grub screws: Plus special tool. 

The Bottleneck and the contained bottle of soap or liquid is being fixed by two grub screws  the bottom screw fixes the basic holder to the wall and the upper one protects the bottle of theft. 

The installed grub screws come together with a special tool – another self-invented part of The Bottleneck. We developed the screws with a special drive to make them only operable with our self-developed special tool. Why? Because we want your liquid and soap bottles to be safe, especially in public places such as hotels, cafes or restaurants.  

There are any questions left about your new interior design piece? Feel free to contact us via or drop us a message on Instagram and we are happy to help.

If you are looking for the Just a Mount installation guide – this way, please!

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