Using hand sanitizer: the new normal.

When I think of my favourite little café a year ago, the scent of coffee stayed with me for a long while after leaving this small homey place.

When I enter the small room today, it’s still there. The warmth and the cozy scent of freshly roasted coffee that seeks its way through the narrow opening of the door. The rattling sound of the grinder mixed with the continuously buzzing espresso machine.

I don’t even consciously perceive the small table anymore, that has been set up right next to the entrance. I’m on autopilot while I’m using the pump dispenser to properly disinfect my hands.

Disinfecting hands has become the new normal.

That process of hand disinfection has become pretty normal to me. It’s the same routine over and over again and an inherent part of entering or leaving public places such as shops, restaurants or bars.

But let’s go back to my favorite café: Something has changed here. As soon as my autopilot has taken over disinfection routine for me, the magic of perceiving that beautiful place with all my senses is gone. The scent of home and warmth made room for memories of hospital visits or dentist appointments. Because that’s what my brain immediately associates the typical scent of hand sanitizers with.

That’s not the end of the world, for sure. But here’s room for improvement.

So, here’s what we thought:

Can’t we develop a hand sanitizer that embraces our senses?

We think it’s the perfect idea for sophisticated private homes, top-notch hotels, prime restaurants and premium shops that want to surprise their guests with a very special moment of entering their place.

We’d love you to comfort your guests with a warm scent of coziness and a dash of luxury.

Sounds so much more welcoming than a cold and sticky smell of removing germs, right?

Natural ingredients meet special fragrances.

Next to cozy fragrances (experience French Rose Petals or Ceylon Spice Cinnamon), we wanted our hand sanitizers to be made of natural ingredients. The careful selection of the best ingredients forms the basis for our handcrafted hand sanitizers. It was important to us to only use naturally distilled essential oils (100% pure & vegan) of highest goodness. The scent is not only intense and rich in nuances but also nourishes and refreshes your hands. 

“Is that a hand sanitizer that meets all requirements of a proper disinfectant?” you might ask? Be sure about that: Our high-class hand disinfectant meets all WHO specifications (WHO 1 recipe) and is additionally certified and registered in Germany.

So, it’s a yes: A hand disinfectant can be both fragrant and highly effective.

Isn’t that a lovely way to show your visitors and customers you care about them?

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