A bike ride away: Why we focus on local production

A cool morning breeze surrounds Nick and accompanies the beginning of a beautiful day. The early morning traffic roars next to him and he enjoys his 5 minute bike ride. He loves to be out in the early morning and to get things done while the city is quietly waking up.

The engines have warmed up for quite some time today and the booming bass of the machines welcomes Nick with noisy vibrations. Someone is waving from the other side of the production hall.

It’s the owner of one of the Just a Mount production plants. The factory is a long-established family business run by the 3rd generation. A place where tradition, artisanal quality and years and years of experience are the absolute principle for everyday work. It’s a perfect place for our wall mounts to come to life. And it is just a 5-minute bike ride away from our Just a Mount office in Mannheim/Germany.

Our aspiration is the perfect design piece for your interior.

Local production has been a key aspect for us when we started searching for the right partners to work with. We truly believe that our aspiration to a top-notch design piece of highest quality can only be fulfilled by working with small traditional manufacturers. These are companies the majority of the employees have spent their entire life working for. Places where manual labour is not an obsolete memory but a choice – often with machines and equipment that served well for more than 40 years. Their work is far away from faceless mass production. It rather is love, precision and passion for their day-to-day work – characteristics that we profoundly share.

"Because a special something for individualists cannot be originate from faceless mass production."

Trial and error is the way to go. And perfectionism a choice we made.

As we have designed and developed all our products ourselves, we do set great value upon working with partners who simply want to produce a high-class product with us. A simple example: It took us quite a long process of trial and error only to find the right aluminium for our product. In our close collaboration dialogue is key and perfectionism a must-have – values that why find a lot easier to fulfill in personal contact at a short distance.

That’s why all parts are engineered in Germany and handcrafted with the finest materials at selected workshops in Germany using only the finest materials and artisanal techniques. Because quality and the expertise of traditional craftmanship is essential for us.

Just care about a sustainable lifestyle. At home and at work.

And not to forget an aspect of highest importance: sustainability. We do love the fact that we can actively live and support a sustainable lifestyle with our business. What we implement in our everyday life at home shouldn’t be questioned when it comes to running a business.

We care about our employees, fellow workers, the community and the environment. For that reason, we only produce locally, ship carbon neutral, pay our workers and partners well and avoid using plastic wherever it is possible and makes sense.

Just a Mount is a piece for you. But our work can contribute to so much more.

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