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  • APOTHECARY'S SELECTION // Scented Candles (TRIO-Set)


59 €72 €
59 €72 €

Luxury Scented Candles (150 g)

Our scented candles are the result of an exclusive co-operation with a small, family-owned boutique workshop with a passion for exceptional candles.

The very careful selection of the best ingredients forms the basis for this perfectly handcrafted product. Only natural ingredients of highest goodness are used to create truly unique and distinctive scents. The scents are fantastically intense and rich in nuances. 

  • Hand poured in Germany
  • Virgin & vegan soy wax
  • All natural essential oils
  • 100% natural cotton wick
  • No genetic engineering
  • No pesticides, no herbicides

The product is currently available in three scents:

  1. Calabrian Bergamot // Patchouli
  2. Kytheran Lavender // Cedarwood
  3. Persian Coriander // Lime

It comes in an original apothecary glass vessel that can be reused. The engraved lid is made of old-fashioned Bakelit and ideal to close the candle after use in order to enjoy it for a long time. The beautiful glass with its slim silhouette shimmers in a nice warm amber tone when the candle is lit. A set of 2 or 3 is best for staging.

The burning time is approximately 30 hours. 

Product dimensions of a single candle: 8.5 cm height, 6.5 cm diameter.