About us

beautiful black and white picture of black wall mount with black spacer ring on tadelakt bathroom wall next to black VOLA faucet and beautiful vase

Our misson

Just a Mount is dedicated to simply design beautiful interior accessories and truly unique products. We strive to make desirable pieces for people who love to surround themselves with beautiful things, adore timeless design and are always looking for a special something. Just a Mount is for individualists and non-conformists who want to stylishly upgrade their homes and live out a sustainable lifestyle. With our contemporary design accessories and our curated selection of handcrafted products, we create a new tension and cheekily challenge conventional approaches. Exactly the right thing no matter if you are an urban explorer, the boho type, a scandi lover or rather the modern guy. Also, contemporary, minimalist or industrial style fits perfectly to our products. As long as you're addicted about design and unique products, you've come to the right place.

We believe that everything should be made as simple as possible. But not a bit simpler either.

black and brass mount with brass spacer rings in high quality packaging with a beautifully lasered font on black background
light grey wall mount with light grey spacer ring on beige wall holding AESOP Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser surrounded by beautiful and colourful flowers

Our story

Just a Mount was born in 2020. Many times, a cool new product stems from a personal need. And that’s exactly how the idea for Just a Mount in general and The Bottleneck in particular came up. Nick was desperately looking for something nice, to easily place and display his beloved liquid soaps and shower gels from AESOP*. He was annoyed by just planting the beautiful and quite expensive bottles next to the sink or at the floor of the shower, quickly accumulating ugly water marks. Because neither was it compatible with his sense of aesthetics, nor did he like to have a quite dirty bottle as well as chalky deposits. So, he thought it would be much nicer and pretty useful to have a well-designed and good-looking wall mount, however, a product to accommodate his needs didn’t exist.

black wall mount and brass spacer ring holding AESOP Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash hanging on dark wood wall with green sculpture in background

The perfect
Not more.
Not less.


Our obsession for quality

It is always our aspiration to create an outstanding design product, that unites high-quality materials, best possible ingredients and great haptically experience with sustainability. That’s exactly why we decided in the beginning that everything we produce is engineered and handcrafted only at selected workshops in Germany using artisanal techniques. Because quality and the expertise of traditional craftmanship is essential for us and our brand. After a long path of trial and error we always succeeded - at least up to now - in manufacturing high-quality with a distinctive design. As we pay attention to every single detail you can always be sure to purchase products you will love. Because our passion is to develop products for design enthusiasts passionate about unique things.

What about you?

Give your home a chic look with our beautifully designed pieces. Just a Mount is here to add some extra style to your life and spice up the cozyness of your home.

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