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Believe us, we have tried lots of brands and products. In general, it works with most 450-500 ml (15.2 to 16.9 fl oz) glass and plastic bottles that are sold with a pump dispenser system. This wall display is made to hold Hand Wash, Hand Lotion, Body Wash, Body Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner. The Bottleneck has been designed to work with larger pump dispenser bottles. Containers with a capacity of less than 450 ml (15,2 fl oz) are too small to fit properly or aesthetically. Please see the "product detail pages" for more informations on brand/bottle compatibility. 

In our experience the best way to fix the Bottleneck to the wall is to use screws. Good screws are included. But some of our customers also wanted a drill-free alternative. That is why we partnered with 3M and developed a customized solution based on their high-performance adhesive. Please do not use other commercially available adhesive strips from the supermarket or hardware store, as these will not work.

The Bottleneck is fully produced with high-quality materials e.g. aluminum with space-grade or solid brass/copper and other stuff. The finish depends on the collection you choose. We use superb anodising and premium plating techniques. We do not use lacquer.

Yes, of course and is its primary purpose. As it is fully produced in high-quality materials e.g. with space-grade aluminum there will be no corrosion. Due to the construction with the retractable wall bracket, The Bottleneck can be cleaned very easily and well.

Of course. It looks pretty when you use it for your washing up detergent. You might use an empty bottle from your beloved brand and just upcycle.

Just use a mild cleaning agent without abrasives and a soft cleaning cloth. A vinegar cleaner can be used for lime stains, but should not be left on for too long. Avoid rubbing with hard cleaning utensils. As it is fully produced in space-grade aluminum and refined with either an anodised or plated finish it is very resistant. Due to the construction of the retractable wall bracket, The Bottleneck can be cleaned very easily and well.

Yes, in general it works with most 450-500 ml (15.2 to 16.9 fl oz) glass and plastic bottles.

The spacer rings have been specifically designed for our mount in order to fit a wide range of bottles/dispensers and brands. Most of the 450-500 ml (15.2 to 16.9 fl oz) plastic and glass containers with a 28 mm diameter bottleneck fit perfectly. Depending on the brand you use, you can either use the mount without a spacer ring, with the small spacer, the medium or the large one. AESOP bottles e.g. need the large one. Just try. Additionally, it is a cool way to customise your Bottleneck and make it fit perfectly to your design at home.

Yes, of course. We constantly add new designs as well as new materials and colours. From time to time we also release limited editions e.g. in precious metal or trendy colours. Check back soon to see what is available or enter your email to join our Mount Circle and receive all our news first.

A single order unit includes: 1 wall bracket plus 3 spacer rings in 3 sizes (2/4/6mm) and 1 assembly set (drilling) including instructions, 2 screws and 2 dowels. The 3M high-performance set for adhesive mounting can be purchased as an additional option. Of course, it comes in a beautiful packaging ;-)

We specifically designed the theft protection system for the use in bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels and other cool venues. Why? Managers told us they had a lot of theft or “overusage” of high end handwashes such as AESOP*. In hotels people even bring along their own containers to do a free refill. Our theft protection system prevents the bottle from being removed easily without destroying the bottle. Of course, you can manage that, but it takes time and makes some noise. Mostly this prevents the bottle from being stolen. In order to secure your bottle and the mount we developed a special key. The mount works just as well without it and is optional to use – for example we wouldn’t expect you to use it in your home, unless you are worried about your friends!

Definitely yes. We already have loads of ideas for new functions and new uses for our Bottleneck. For your bathroom, kitchen and your home in general. We always designed the Bottleneck for various use case scenarios. So, once you have bought a Bottleneck you can change or enhance the function and don’t need to buy a new one or drill new holes. As our Bottleneck is a modular product you can just change to a new fitting.


No. At that point in time we are only online. We produce our high-quality product entirely in Germany and keep costs low by selling directly to you, the consumer. From time to time we do collaborations with like-minded brands, boutique shops and concept stores. If you operate one and you want to partner with us, just drop us a line. We will be happy to get in touch.

We are proud to be able to produce all parts in Germany. Yes, our local wages are much higher than in China, but we want to support our local communities and secure their incomes, because we believe that is the right way to do business. And we are quite sure that you agree with us.

Drop us a line at or use our "chat with us" function. We are happy to hear from you and will respond within 24 hours.