Installation Guide

beautiful black and white picture of black wall mount with black spacer ring on tadelakt bathroom wall next to black VOLA faucet and beautiful vase



Our brand new wall fixing chip (second generation) for drilling assembly ensures that there is already 1 mm distance to the wall. So The Bottleneck can easily be attached, even if the wall behind it is a bit uneven. For an even more floating look you can use an additional washer.

Using the right screws and dowels is extremely important. Please check whether your wall is solid or made of plasterboard. Depending on this, other screws and dowels may have to be used.

Two grub screws are used to prevent theft. One at the top right of the neck opening, the other at the bottom right on the part of the wall bracket that is against the wall. Be careful when screwing in and tightening the grub screws and do not overtighten them.

Before drilling the holes in the wall, it is important to find the correct height and position and then mark the holes.

Do not overtighten the screws to fasten the fixing chip. If you use a (cordless) screwdriver, please make sure that the torque is set correctly.




In our experience the best way to fix the Bottleneck to the wall is to use screws. Good screws are included. But some of our customers also wanted a drill-free alternative. That is why we partnered with 3M and developed a customized solution based on their high-performance adhesive. Please do not use other commercially available adhesive strips from the supermarket or hardware store, as these will not work.

In order to achieve an optimal and lasting result, please follow our application instructions very carefully.

3M no drill variant to attach wall mount to the wall

NOT suitable for use on PE, PP, PTFE, silicone, mirror and glass.

REMOVAL NOTICE: To remove the adhesive, you can use a sharp knife with a long, flexible blade (e.g. a cutter) or a wire. Remaining adhesive residue can be removed from the wall by rubbing it off.

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Do I have to screw, or can I use sticky glue strips?

In our experience you have to screw two holes in order to properly fix the Bottleneck to the wall. But some of our customers wanted a drill-free alternative. That’s why we teamed up with 3M and developed a customized solution based on their high-performance adhesive.

What are the spacer rings for?

The spacer rings have been specifically designed for our mount in order to fit a wide range of bottles/dispensers and brands. Most of the 400-500ml (15.2 to 16.9 fl oz) plastic and glass containers with a 28 mm diameter bottleneck fit perfectly. Depending on the brand you use, you can either use the mount with or without a spacer ring.

Why does it include theft protection? And how does it work?

We specifically designed the theft protection system for the use in bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels. Our theft protection system prevents the bottle as well as the mount from being removed easily without destroying it. In order to secure you bottle and the mount we developed a special key. The mount works just as well without it and is optional to use.


How do you clean the Bottleneck? 

Use a mild cleaning agent without abrasives and a soft cleaning cloth. A vinegar cleaner can be used for lime stains, but should not be left on for too long. Avoid rubbing with hard cleaning utensils. 

As it is full produced and refined with either an anodized or plated finish it is very resistant. Due to the construction with the retractable wall bracket, The Bottleneck can be cleaned very easily and well.

Check Brand & Bottle Compatibility