Bottleneck "rings only"

19 €
  • Bottleneck "rings only"

Bottleneck "rings only"

19 €
19 €

Set of 3 spacer rings for re-purchase!

You want to change your style or just need a replacement? This is exactly why we offer these replacement sets for our Bottleneck wall mount system.

Each set contains three spacer rings in three different sizes (2/4/6 mm) in the colour of your choice.

Please note: this price is for the ring set only. So you already need to have a Bottleneck wall mount.

Fits all AESOP and
most 450-500 ml bottles

Customisable to your style
with cool spacer rings

Extraordinary materials
with superb finishes

Functionally expandable:
soon new features available

Theft protection for use in bars,
restaurants, clubs & hotels