Dock Set 45°

139 €159 €
  • Dock Set 45°

Dock Set 45°

139 €159 €
139 €159 €


THE BOTTLENECK – a contemporary wall mounted dispenser system.

The Bottleneck of your selection comes with a perfect anodised finish in matt including three spacer rings.

Simply an edgy and aesthetic display that is designed to hold your beloved liquid soaps and other liquid beauty and sanitary products. The brand of your choice will for sure be displayed beautifully on this mount.

Three different ring sizes ensure compatibility to most 450-500 ml bottles. Our logo is lasered on the curved back part of the mount.


The Bottleneck // DOCK

At the request of some customers, we have developed a wonderful mobile stand solution. Each piece is unique!

This solution is ideal for use in stylish homes, upscale gastronomy, at a reception, in the office or in other places where wall installation is not possible or useful.

The base of this handcrafted stable stand is an elegant plate made of solid brass or burnished steel. The wall bracket is attached to the solid wooden holder. This is offered in various wood versions.

Variations in texture, colour and pattern may occur. These differences and disparities are part of what makes the product unique and beautiful. Please note that the untreated brass changes over time and acquires a beautiful natural patina. Of course, a brass cleaner can be used to prevent the patina.

The Bottleneck // DOCK is delivered disassembled, but can also be assembled by laypeople in a few simple steps. All materials required for assembly are included.

The Just a Mount logo is branded on the side of the wooden block.


This set includes:
1 x wall bracket plus 3 spacer rings in different sizes (2/4/6mm)
1 x Dock stand of your choice
1 x assembly set (4 screws plus felt gliders)


This product can be perfectly combined with our APOTHECARY'S Luxury Hand Sanitizer.